The creators of the new generation food brand Foodgital, deeply respecting the cultural and traditional values of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, recognize that access to high-quality, safe and convenient food is a vital need for every person.

Inspired by Saudi Vision 2030 and committed to creating a prosperous future for every Saudi Arabian, we continuously work on innovation in the food industry. Our company actively invests in the development and implementation of advanced technologies, ensuring product safety and compliance with the highest standards.Our products are a harmonious combination of local culinary traditions and modern technologies.

The Foodgital brand is represented by both an innovative line of plant-based products, the taste of which is as close as possible to meat, and a line of Chebupai dessert pastries - mini pies in thin golden dough with a large variety of fillings with natural berries and fruits. In addition, the Foodgital brand has developed a line of unique products - Chebupizza. This is a thin baked pizza with cheese filling inside, in a convenient mini format.

We provide people with the opportunity to make informed choices in favor of healthy, balanced and convenient nutrition. This combination perfectly reflects modern trends and the Kingdom’s aspirations to keep up with the times and move only forward.

All Foodgital products are distinguished by amazing tastes, as well as ease of preparation and consumption - they are completely ready, they just need to be heated.