new generation

Foodgital is an innovative
brand that knows how to set
trends, experiment, discover
new directions, upgrade the
most ordinary products.

Foodgital launches
new generation

- absolutely unique and
unusual, which pleasantly
surprise with their taste and
convenience to eat.

Unique closed pizza in
a convenient
mini format.

Lots of juicy filling in
a thin golden

Mini pizza Chebupizza - taste and shape
that will pleasantly surprise you.

The unique sweet pastries with delicious and juicy fillings. All natural ingredients in a rich golden dough.

Chebupie with a juicy apple, pear or a cherry flavor and a hot aromatic drink - is all you need to make your break even more enjoyable.

Foodgital introduces The New Generation Green Products

The unique formula and advanced technology allows to produce Foodgital products with a 100% natural plant-based protein, and maintain the same taste as traditional meat flavors.

Foodgital products contain chickpeas, peas and wheat, which provide from 21-33%* of the daily value of protein and are a source of strength and long-term energy.

We keep all the benefits of the ingredients inside and do not use unnecessary additives.

*depending on Foodgital products range"


Member of the SIAL
Innovation Competition
Award 2023, Shanghai

Green products



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